Organic Ashwagandha

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  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety*
  • Increase Energy and Stamina*
  • Improve Sleep Quality*
  • Support Brain Function*
  • Safe and All-Natural

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Ashwagandha has been studied at length for its ability to combat stress and anxiety. In a study of adults reporting chronic stress, taking Ashwagandha for 60 days reduced stress assessment scores by 44% and significantly lowered serum cortisol1 . By balancing the stress response, Ashwagandha is also favored for improving sleep quality and enhancing overall well-being3,4,9,10*

Increased Energy and Stamina

Although Ashwagandha is primarily known for its stress-reduction benefits, this adaptogenic ingredient has demonstrated the ability to increase muscle strength and endurance for greater exercise capacity7,9 .* 

Support Brain Function

By protecting brain cells from free-radical damage and modulating the response to stress, Ashwagandha has shown a significant ability to improve brain function, including reaction time and information recall5,6,8 .*



Organic Ashwagandha Root:  As the most commonly used and studied herb in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, Ashwagandha is commonly recommended as a safe, effective tonic for stress and vitality. Our Certified Organic Ashwagandha is carefully sourced and tested for purity from pesticides and contaminants.* 

Organic Black Pepper Extract:    Black Pepper Extract provides a highly concentrated dose of piperine, a naturally occurring phytonutrient with substantial evidence of its ability to improve nutrient absorption2 *

As a dietary supplement, take up to three (3) veggie capsules per day. 


Consult your physician before use. Do not take if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are nursing. Do not take if you are on prescription thyroid medication or have an autoimmune diagnosis. 

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Michael C.
United States United States
Life hack

This stuff is beneficial in so many ways. Just eat a decent diet and it'll do good by you!

Larissa H.
United States United States
Ashwagandha works for me

I was sceptical about whether this product would work. After about 7 days I felt more relaxed and less stressed. I am not sure whether I should take it long term but it’s working for me for now!

United States United States
Great Product!

Great product! The suggested use is 3 per day, but I only take 1 before bed. It seems to work. My sleep is better and I'm not as moody or anxious during the day.

Linda H.
United States United States
Help falling asleep

I've been taking ashwagandha for a couple of weeks now right before bed. It has definitely helped me fall asleep. I pair it with a homeopathic medicine - ignatia amara (30c) and I mix a lavender essential oil in water and spray it around my bedroom as well. For awhile now I've also been taking melatonin and magnesium glycinate to help me sleep. I have to get in the right mindset to prepare myself for sleep that includes calming activities like meditation, breathing and reading. Here's to everyone's good sleep which is so essential to good health!

Logan G.
United States United States
Great mood enhancer

Noticeable improvement. Highly recommend