Women's Probiotics

Formulated for women's health, Physicians Choice Women's Probiotic is a powerful probiotic with clinically proven ProCran to help restore digestive balance. ProCran is a potent, pure powder made from cranberry extract –  an effective accompaniment to D-Mannose in helping prevent UTIs.
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  • Powerful Prebiotic Blend*
  • Pro Cran d’Or™ for Urinary System Support*
  • Restore Digestive Balance*
  • Formulated for Feminine Health*
  • Immune System Health*

Probiotics are defined as microorganisms that provide benefits to their host. Humans rely on resident microorganisms, including probiotics, to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly, but diet and other factors can alter our healthy bacteria1*.



Probiotics for Overall Gut Health

  • Research strongly supports the benefits of probiotics for the digestive system, including evidence that these healthy bacteria improve symptoms associated with several intestinal condition1*.



Immune Support

  • While we think of our digestive system mainly for its role in processing food and getting us the nutrients that we need, it is also one of the most active components of our immune system. Data suggest that probiotic bacteria directly and indirectly enhance a protective immune response2,3*.



Nutrient Absorption

  • Probiotics have also been shown to have an important impact on the absorption, use, and storage of energy from the food we consume, including the generation of beneficial short-chain fatty acids that promote weight regulation1*.


Surviving the Stomach: The Probiotic Journey

  • Since probiotics must make it through the stomach to be effective , the beneficial properties of a probiotic product depend on its survival in a harsh, acidic environment. Physician’s Choice delayed-release capsules are acid-resistant, offering a critical layer of protection to keep the probiotic organisms viable on their journey to the intestines4*.



Formulated for Urinary System Health

  • D-Mannose and proanthocyanadins from Pro Cran d’Or™ – a pure, concentrated whole cranberry fruit powder – show evidence of the ability to inhibit the adherence of E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract. In combination with probiotics, our Women’s Probiotic provides a potent, synergistic formula for supporting urinary system health5,6*.



Our Women’s Probiotic is packaged in patented, shelf-stable bottles, which are designed to help ensure that the probiotics are protected from sunlight and oxygen, which greatly increases their shelf life.



Powerful Probiotic Blend

Physician’s Choice Women’s Probiotic contains highly researched, acid and bile resistant strains, each of which offer unique benefits for gut and immune health7*.


  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus paracasei
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Bifidobacterium lactis

Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend

Prebiotic fiber provides food for probiotic organisms, creating a more effective “symbiotic” product once it reaches the small intestine. Very few probiotic products on the market contain prebiotic ingredients, reducing the efficacy and benefits that are sought from a probiotic supplement4*.



Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Root and Acacia Senegal provide rich natural sources of prebiotic soluble fiber to maintain probiotic viability during transit and promote the growth of the intestinal microbiome and deliver greater benefits to overall health8*.


Feminine Health

D-mannose is a monosaccharide (sugar) that naturally occurs in fruits including apples, blueberries, and cranberries. In addition to other metabolic functions, D-mannose offers unique benefits for maintaining urinary tract health9*.




Pro Cran d’Or™, a powder of whole, dried cranberries, contains proanthocyanadins, flavonoids that fight free radicals to enhance immune support and serve an active role in urinary tract balance10*.



Pro Cran d’Or™ is a trademark material from Fruit d’Or Inc.*

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with a glass of water, or as recommended by your physician for digestive and urinary system health. 

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United States United States

So far haven't been able to determine if it helps or not.

Pamela N.
United States United States
Women’s Probiotic Recommended

I am very pleased with Women’s Probiotic for many reasons, and highly recommend them. The number one reason is that they are manufactured in the USA, as I buy only USA-made supplements. I also like that they also contain a prebiotic and cranberry extract, they’re vegan, delayed-release, and one capsule per day is recommended. No bloating, gas or stomach issues and they help with bowel regularity.

Mary B.
United States United States
Bye bye bloating

This has helped me with my bloating. Very happy!

anne y.
United States United States
Women's Probiotic

Worked very quickly. I feel so much better being regular everyday!

Paula L.
United States United States
Good stuff

This probiotic works better than anything else I’ve used. My stomach issues have all but gone away. Highly recommend.