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Benefits of D-Mannose in Your Women’s Probiotic

March 12, 2018 2 min read

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D-mannose, a simple sugar derived from cranberries and other fruits like apples and peaches. But unlike other sugars, D-mannose is especially good for your health.

The difference with this sugar lies in the way it's metabolized by the body. Unlike sucrose and fructose, D-mannose works like glucose, a sugar your body's cells are intended to utilize. Even though your body digests D-mannose at a slower pace than glucose, it does not act as a fuel supply for your body in the way glucose does.

In addition, the components of D-mannose don't break down before they're expelled in urine, and it does not stay in the body for long periods as glucose does.

Instead, much of the D-mannose you consume is cleansed by your kidneys and channeled to the bladder for quick elimination. These characteristics shed some light on the particular benefits of D-mannose and how it can effectively promote the health of your urinary system.

But what does D-mannose do when it's in the body, and how does it promote women's health? Because of its unique chemical composition, it is believed to provide the following health benefits:

Cranberry juice as a source of D-mannose for urinary tract health

Digestive Health

Further research has also confirmed the potential of D-mannose to support digestive health and guard against an assortment of digestive issues. Researchers attribute this effect to D-mannose's prebiotic characteristics, which support the development of beneficial bacteria within the gut, increasing overall levels of digestive wellness.

How to Get D-Mannose Into Your Diet

Cranberries are a widely known source of D-mannose, but it's also found in other fruits and vegetables. Some of the most common D-mannose sources to incorporate into your diet include apples, oranges, peaches, seaweed, aloe vera, green beans, and cabbage.

If you're looking to boost your D-mannose intake even further, various supplements exist to help with that. While standalone powders and capsules are an option, Physician's Choice Women's Probiotic effectively combines six probiotic strains with prebiotics, D-mannose, and ProCran cranberry extract to support optimal gut and UT health.*

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