Physicians Bundle

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Included in Bundle:
  • Women's Probo
  • Collagen
  • 60 billion Probo
  • Ashwagandha
  • Sleep Aid
  • Eye Support
  • 1 Free Bottle of Natrem & Collagen

Physician's Bundle

Supplements are made to enhance your health from the inside, working with your body's natural processes to help you look and feel better. Their work is powerful, but it can be subtle. And sometimes, that can make shopping decisions a little difficult.

For example, imagine that you're dealing with abdominal pain and bloating on a regular basis. Should you take collagen supplements? Or should you take probiotics? Would ashwagandha help you to feel calm, so your digestion problems would fade? It can be hard to know where to start.

We can help. 

Our physician's bundle is packed with our five most powerful, popular, and universal supplements.

Support Your Health in Five Ways

This bundle includes:

  • Ashwagandha, designed to ease anxiety and support your body during times of stress
  • Collagen peptides, to provide your body with the building blocks needed for cell growth and repair
  • 60 billion probiotic, to diversify gut flora, ease digestion, and support a healthy immune system
  • Women's probiotics, made to support gut health as well as encourage healthy vaginal flora
  • Eye health supplements, designed by doctors to deliver key vitamins needed to support clear sight, even as you age 

Each product supports your health in a slightly different way, and these are products made to be taken together. Rather than attempting to pick and choose which product is right for you, take them all in tandem and know you are doing all you can to support your health.

Quality Manufacturing You Can Trust

Every product we make is developed through conversations and consultations with medical professionals, including doctors and herbalists. Our formulas are made to enter your body quickly and easily, so you'll get all of the benefit and no waste. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that you won’t be exposed to chemicals or additives. Our third-party validation ensures that you get the strength you've paid for.

Save Time and Money with One Purchase

By purchasing this bundle, you're saving $45.24 over the regular price, if you'd purchased each item separately. And you'll save money on shipping too.

Don't wait to support your health. Buy today.