• Immune-Strengthening Formula
  • Year-Round Systemic Defense
  • Backed by Gold-Standard Human Clinical Trials
  • Kosher Whole-Food Fermentate
  • Safe for Adults and Children

Stronger Immune Systems

EpiCor came about when it was discovered that workers at the Diamond V factory, who were exposed daily to a particular yeast culture, were hardly ever calling in sick or filing health insurance claims. After some research, it turns out the workers had stronger immune systems. There was an increase in white blood cells (Natural Killer Cells) and lower levels of inflammation-causing immune complexes. This resulted in years of research to create an immune-strengthening product from the same whole-food fermentate that the factory workers were exposed to.1

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Participants taking EpiCor for congestion and allergies saw a significant reduction in days that they suffered with nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms.2

Natural Immune-Boosting Vitamin C and Zinc

Zinc and Vitamin C have been long recommended by doctors and used by patients to help boost their immune systems year-round. Research shows that taking zinc (especially at the early onset of an illness) can reduce the intensity of cold symptoms and shorter the duration significantly.3

Immune Strengthening vs. Immune Boosting

IMMUNE Featuring EpiCor is an immunogenic, immune-strengthening whole-food fermentate. In the supplement space, you'll often see "immune boost" for products. But Physician's Choice IMMUNE Featuring EpiCor is immune-strengthening. Something that is an "immune strengthener" makes your immune system stronger year-round and can be taken daily for beneficial results. An "immune booster" is something that you should only take for a short period of time to give your immune system a boost during cold and flu season.

EpiCor Whole Food Fermentate: EpiCor is fermented Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a natural yeast. It is comprised of proteins, fibers, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids and beta glucans that are beneficial for the immune system. As a "whole food," EpiCor is minimally processed, Kosher and allergen-free.

Vitamin C and Zinc: Vitamin C is and Zinc are both essential nutrients with antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. They have both been used in various forms historically in conjunction with cold and flu remedies.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 daily.