Digestive Bundle

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  • Women's Probo
  • 60 billion Probo
  • Collagen
  • 1 Free Bottle of Women's Probo

Digestive Bundle

Are you living with digestive problems, including bloating, pain, gas, or diarrhea? You're not alone. A recent study (1) suggests that 74 percent of Americans have symptoms just like this on a regular basis.

Digestive distress can have a deep impact on your quality of life. It's hard to focus on your work when you're constantly running to the bathroom. Your relationships can suffer if you're consistently worried about pain, discomfort, and gas. You may also be leery of discussing these issues with those you love, as the symptoms you're experiencing can be a little embarrassing.

Difficulty with digestion is especially common in women, and according to the American College of Gastroenterology (2), women have a higher risk of digestive distress due to the interplay between estrogen, anatomy, and age. Young and middle-aged women seem to have digestive tracts that move slower than a man's digestive tract. Women are more likely to experience bloating and gas as a result, and they are more sensitive to sensations of pain caused by slow movement.

The American Nutrition Association (3) also reports that everyone is at risk for digestive issues due to the pace of modern life. We all eat too quickly, gulping down our food without chewing it properly. We also eat on the run, rather than sitting down to savor our meals.

Our digestive bundle is made to help you deal with the gut stressors of modern life, as well as the challenges that estrogen can cause. We've packaged three key products that are all designed to reduce symptoms of gut stress:

Save money by purchasing all three products in one bundle, and know that you're getting the targeted help you need to improve your gut health.

Diversify Your Gut Bacteria with Probiotics

Your gut is packed with bacterium that helps to improve digestion and fend off invaders. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (4), diversity in gut bacteria is vital. Those that have a higher bacteria gene count tend to have less inflammation than those who have a lower gut bacteria gene count.

Our probiotic products contain a wealth of healthy, beneficial types of gut bacteria. Our products are easy to digest, so your body can incorporate these healthy strains of bacteria in the gut. Our products are also packed with prebiotics, which help to supply the key nutrients probiotic bacteria needs in order to thrive. That makes our product both easy to digest and easy for your body to make use of.

We chose the strains in our probiotic products carefully, to ensure that we were including bacteria known to confer health benefits. We also looked for strains with strength, so they had the ability to overpower unhealthy strains of bacteria you might have within your gut right now.

Probiotic products have been associated with a remarkable number of health benefits. According to Harvard Health Publishing (5), those benefits include prevention or treatment of:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn's disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Clostridium difficile infection

Repair a Leaky Gut

While probiotics can offer a great deal of gut health, they work best when the tissues of the gut are firm and healthy. That's why we've added collagen to our digestive bundle. 

Collagen makes up the tissue of the gut. When your body produces enough collagen, your gut lining is thick and firm, ensuring that no cells leak from the gut into surrounding spaces. When your body does not produce enough collagen, that lining can grow thin and weak, leading to inflammation in and around the gut.

Collagen supplements can assist your body in producing a healthy gut lining. But not all collagen supplements are created equal. As experts quoted in the journal Aesthetics (6) point out, collagen molecules in some supplements are too large for the body to break down. That can lead to poor absorption, so the supplements you take move through your body without doing you much good.

Our collagen product is double hydrolyzed, so particles are small enough to be absorbed. Our product also includes digestive enzymes, making breakdown even easier for your body.

Invest in Your Health

Our digestive bundle gives you the tools you need to repair damage, improve health, and enhance function. And buying all three products at once saves you a great deal of money. We encourage you to support your gut and make a purchase today.


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