Beauty Bundle

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Included in Bundle:
  • Women's Probo
  • Collagen
  • Eye Health
  • 1 Free Bottle of Collagen

Beauty Bundle

How long do you have to make a first impression on a potential romantic partner? Research (1) suggests that we make decisions about attractiveness, trustworthiness, and status within 33 milliseconds. Even when given more time, people stick with their first impression, refusing to shift their opinion.

If you're hoping to woo a new partner, beauty matters. That beauty should come from within. Makeup can slip, hair dyes can fade, nail extensions can break, and clothing can't mask imperfections. To nail that first impression you must look good at all times—from all angles.

We've collected three of our most valuable tools in the pursuit of beauty. Take home our beauty bundle and receive our:

Access Key Building Blocks for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Collagen is the most abundant material in the human body. Collagen makes up our hair, our skin, and our nails. Collagen is used in the production and maintenance of our organs. And collagen helps us to have a healthy, leak-free gut.

Unfortunately, collagen production tends to decline with age. As production declines, our bodies become prone to health issues that can impact our appearance. Enter collagen supplements. Our product can help your body access this key element, even if your body is producing small amounts of this element naturally.

Collagen supplements have the ability to approve the health and beauty of your:

  • Skin. A study (2) conducted on mice suggests that collagen supplements can help to tighten the skin and allow the surface of the skin to seem plump and lush.
  • Nails. A study (3) suggests that oral collagen supplements taken for 24 weeks can help amend brittle, cracking nails while increasing nail growth rates.
  • Hair. The follicles responsible for generating hair growth rely on collagen to do their work. When collagen is in short supply, hair tends to grow at a slower rate, simply due to the lack of raw materials available. 

Our collagen product is enhanced with digestive enzymes, so you get the benefit of each dose of collagen you take. Our manufacturing process also ensures that our product mixes quickly and easily into almost any liquid, including coffee. That makes our product easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Reduce Inflammation for an Inner Glow

Your gut contains hundreds, if not thousands, of bacterial cells. Those cells help to break down the food you eat, and they can help to augment the work of your immune system. If your gut biome is sparse or lacks diversity, your immune system is forced to work just a bit harder. That can lead to inflammation.


Inflammation can manifest as:

  • Blotchy, red skin
  • A bloated, puffy stomach
  • Red, flaky scalp patches
  • Persistent rashes (4)

Enhancing your gut biome means providing your body with the right kind of bacteria in doses your body can absorb. We worked closely with medical professionals to develop our women's probiotic product. We included probiotic strains proven to improve digestive and vaginal health in women, and we test each dose for quality and purity.

Protect Your Eyes, Even While Under Stress

Staring at computer screens or sitting in rooms illuminated by some types of fluorescent lamps can expose our eyes to light on the blue spectrum. The Prevent Blindness (5) organization suggests that ongoing exposure can lead to eye strain, which can manifest as eyes that are irritated and red.

Research (6) also suggests that ongoing exposure to blue light can aggravate degenerative diseases, such as macular degeneration. That may not impact your appearance, but it could impact your ability to perceive the beauty around you.

Our eye health supplement was designed by doctors to provide the vitamins and nutrients your eye cells need to resist the damage from light on the blue spectrum. The vitamins included in our supplement are not produced by your body. You can only get them in supplement form. And our manufacturing process ensures that you get the exact dose you need, with a purity you can trust.

Improve Your Beauty in Three Ways

Our bundle package ensures that you support the health and beauty of your body, from the inside out. Save money by purchasing all three items at once, and know that you are doing all you can to preserve your beauty in the future. Make the smart, healthy choice today.


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