Physician Approved

Approved by Board Certified Dr. Ari Magill, M.D.

Bringing Science Back to Supplements

What's really in that pill or powder you're about to put in your mouth? And will it really provide the benefits you see on the label?

For years, there have been questions supplement consumers have struggled to answer - and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is of little help. The FDA doesn't heavily regulate the supplement industry, leaving consumers responsible for performing their own investigations.

Physician's Choice is different. Our Company is built on a solid foundation of medical research using science-backed formulas and ingredients, and each supplement is clinically dosed. Our research and development process ensures that we deliver on the promises we make.


Our on-staff researchers keep up to date with the latest innovations and medical breakthroughs by following clinical trials and working closely with world-renowed health technology companies . When we source a proven ingredient, we conduct yet more research. Only when the results seem conclusive and there is real science to back an ingredient do we include it in our formulas.

We examine the potency of each to determine the exact proven effective dosage. We look for ways to combine the potency of ingredients with enhanced bioavailability agents to deliver concentrated dosages that are easily absorbed.

Our researchers work hand in hand with our medical partners, which include a board-certified neurologist, a PHD and an N.D. Each formula, experiment, and innovation is approved and signed off on by Dr. Ari Magill, M.D.

Our customers don't need to be medical experts. We bring
our medical expertise to you.


Clinically Proven & IP-Backed Ingredients

As a manufacturer of professional-grade supplements, we are always looking for new, innovative and proven ingredients. Part of this process involves ensuring that the ingredients we use are backed by clinical studies. ... Whenever possible, we use clicically proven, patented ingredients that have been extensively tested.

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Clinically Dosed

It's one thing to use clinically proven/tested ingredients; It's an entirely different thing to use those ingredients at the effective dosage. For example, Capsimax used in our Apple Cider formula has been clinically proven to speedup your ...metabolism and burn 100 resting calories a day*. Many companies might put 10mgs, 25mgs or even 50mgs of Capsimax in their formula, but the clinical studies that showed Capsimax was effective were done using 100mgs. So the effective dose of Capsimax that is clinically proven is 100mgs, thus we use 100mgs of Capsimax. Why don't other companies do this? The simple answer: these clinically proven ingredients are expensive. If we were to reduce the Capsimax in our Apple Cider formula to 25mgs, Our cost to make the product would be 80% cheaper. The fact is we don't cut corners to make ineffective products.

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Organic Certified Manufacturing

All our supplements are manufactured in an organic certified facility, taht is cGMP and NPA certified. We work with Organic Certifiers to have our organic supplements meet their high standards. ... Manufacturing proven, effective supplements, is just once aspect of our core beliefs. We also belive in sourcing natural, pure, organic ingredients. We use USDA certified organic ingredients whenever possible and never use GMOs, preservatives, binders, chemicals, additives or other cheap fillers.

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Testing & Allergens

All our supplements and ingredients go through two phases of testing, pre-production testing and post-production testing. Every raw material is tested for quality and safety before production begins. ... At this stage our raw materials are tested for heavy metals, microbs (Bacteria), allergens, potency, and quality. Our precise labeling process allows us to meet allergen acceptance criteria and provide exceptional quality control.

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Innovation and Experimentation Continues

We are never satisfied with the status quo. We are always seeking out innovations in nutrition, endocrinology, biology, and supplementation to bring you the products you want to be at your best.

Our customers deserve nothing less.

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