The Program Details


  1. 90 -day cookie for a higher commission chance window.
  2. Huge commissions on 25% of all sales you generate.
  3. Get paid out after you've made $100 and every 30 days.
  4. One free product a month of your choosing, at no cost.
  5. Any ambassador with over 25 sales in a month will get a $100 bonus.
  6. Any ambassador with over 50 sales in a month will get $250 bonus.
  7. Any ambassador with over 100 sales in a month will get $500 bonus.
  8. Ambassador of the year will win $1000.
  9. $100 recruitment bonus for ambassadors that recruit other ambassadors to join the program. After their referral has earned $100, they also earn $100.

Brand Ambassador Postings

Ambassadors are required to post on a weekly -monthly basis. A minimum of 4 posts a month is required to maintain part of the program. Instagram Stories do not count as a post for the month.
  1. At least 4 Instagram posts per month. Posts can feature Physician's Choice products, give advice mentioning @physicianschoice, potentially get involved with contests and promotions. The more you promote Physician’s Choice, the more money you earn.
  2. Photo guidelines will be sent to each ambassador. Ambassadors should use hashtag #PCVITALIFE and #PHYSICIANSCHOICE
  3. One ambassador a month will be picked using this hashtag and receive a $100 photo of the month bonus.


Active Instagram page.

At least 500 followers on the Instagram page.


  1. A 20% off coupon code and personal link you can give to all your followers & include with all your posts etc. The coupon code and personal link must be included in your Instagram bio header.
  2. Influencers with 50 sales or more get a custom landing page built for them with a 25% off coupon code to increase conversions.
  3. Access to creatives, designs, promotional material and more.
  4. Collaboration, if you have ideas to promote sales and generate buzz via contests, giveaways etc. we are very open to that.
  5. Access to detailed product information with medical research, written by doctors for our products. This gives you more in-depth

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