SBO Probiotic + Prebiotic

An advanced blend of soil-based, spore-forming probiotics formulated for digestive and immune health.
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  • Digestive Support
  • Immune Support
  • Stress and Mood Support
  • Synbiotic (Probiotic + Prebiotic)
  • Spore-Forming, Soil-Based Organisms

SBO for Digestive Support

SBOs come from the soil and are more "native" to our ancestral microbiome. But modern farming and processing practices have stripped this from our foods. Taking the SBO supplement is important to replenish the gut flora with these friendly bacteria, which help with occasional digestive issues.1

Soil Based Organisms and Immune Function

By creating a microbiome that's more difficult for unfriendly bacteria to survive, the clinically researched strains in our SBO Probiotic help support a healthy immune system.2

Stress and Mood Support

Soil-based organisms balance the gut's microbiome and supports effective brain-gut communication, which helps with overall mood.3

Synergistic Synbiotic

SBOs, lactose-based probiotics, prebiotics and fermented ingredients all work together to improve whole-body health.4

B. subtillis: Spore-forming probiotic organism. Studied and used for its effect on digestive health. B. subtilis is a very resilient and heat-resistant probiotic strain, and it works well with other probiotic strains to protect the immune system.

L. planatarum: One of the most studied and widely-used probiotic strains. It thrives at the body’s natural internal temperature and is studied for its digestive benefits. It is unique in that L. planetarium can promote balance among bacteria in the gut.

B. coagulans: Spore-forming probiotic organism clinically shown to ease digestive issues. It can simultaneously boost mood by supporting a healthy microbiome and improved brain-gut communication.

S. boulardii: A form of baker’s yeast that has been studied in several clinical trials and used for its many digestive system benefits, including issues experienced for people who don’t tolerate lactose well.

L. paracasei: A lactic acid probiotic that has antioxidant capabilities (and immune system protection as a result). L. paracasei can help assist with weight loss and eases digestive issues. Because of the way it ferments, L. paracasei is able to withstand the stomach’s high temperatures and is effective at breaking down proteins into amino acids.

B. clausi: Spore-forming probiotic that is able to survive the journey through the stomach’s acidic environment. Studies show this strain has a positive impact on the digestive system and respiratory health. Its effect on the microbiota is beneficial for digestive health as well as immune health, supporting the gut-brain axis as a major foundation of mood and mental function.

Organic apple cider vinegar: Organic apple cider vinegar is a fermented ingredient that has been used as a medicine. Pure, unfiltered, non-GMO organic apple cider helps support healthy digestion and weight management. Apples are also an effective prebiotic, which helps the probiotic organisms in your microbiome thrive.

Fermented ginger root: Ginger root on its own is a natural antioxidant that helps protect the immune system and helps with digestion. Fermentation increases the beneficial probiotic bacteria in any food, and helps with digestion.

Fermented barley leaf: Barley leaf is another prebiotic food for the probiotic bacteria in your microbiome. In its raw form, it is the leaf of the barley plant, which is used to make cereal grain and beer. In its fermented form, it becomes more bioavailable and has more protein and vitamins.

Bamboo extract: Bamboo extract is used in many supplements. It can help with immunity and digestion, and may also be good for cardiovascular health. Bamboo’s silica content is also helpful for skin, hair and bones.

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily