Elderberry Gummies

Black elderberry gummies are formulated and clinically proven for year-round immune support.

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  • Immune Support
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Great-Tasting Natural Berry Flavor

Black Elderberry for Immune Health

Our black elderberry gummies contain the extract of Sambuca nigra, which has been used historically as a cold remedy.1 Recently, elderberry has been studied for its antiviral, cold-shortening properties. Studies show that when taken within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, elderberry can reduce the severity and duration of the viruses like colds and the flu.2

Black Elderberry for Blood Sugar

Several research studies have demonstrated that elderberry can help people manage their blood sugar levels and regulate the release of insulin in the body, especially in conjunction with other lifestyle changes.3

Elderberry as an Antioxidant

Black elderberry also has natural antioxidant properties. Protecting the body from free radicals can reduce damage to internal organs and reduce the severity and frequency of chronic diseases.4

Black Elderberry Extract: Used for centuries as a homeopathic cold medicine, to treat infections and heal burns. The extract comes from the European elderberry plant, which is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world.

Echinacea: A flower that, like elderberry, has been used for years to treat colds and other ailments naturally.

Vitamin C: Obtained from fruits and vegetables, it is an important part of the function of almost every system in the body. Humans don't produce vitamin C naturally, so we have to get it from food sources and supplements.

As a dietary supplement, take two gummies once a day for immune system support.