Hero Ingredient Spotlight: Cynatine HNS

March 19, 2020 2 min read

Hero Ingredient Spotlight: Cynatine HNS

At Physician’s Choice, we only make supplements that we would take ourselves and feel comfortable giving to our families. That means producing the cleanest, purest, most effective products possible. One of the ways we’re able to achieve this goal is through the use of what we call “hero” ingredients. These are ingredients that are high-quality, ethically sourced and backed by extensive research that demonstrates their effectiveness. Cynatine HNS is an example of a hero ingredient—one of the key components of in our hair growth vitamin, Total Hair supplement.

What is Cyantine HNS?

Cynatine HNS is a patented, bioavailable form of keratin. Keratin is naturally made in the body, andkeratins give strength and structure to the hair, skin and nail cells. Keratin gives skin its flexibility and helps prevent wrinkles; it gives hair strength and length; it gives nails their strength and prevents discoloration.

Cynatine is what’s sometimes referred to as a “cosmeceutical ingredient” because it has science-researched medical properties that are used for cosmetic purposes. Most cosmeceuticals have benefits beyond their beauty-related purposes, but their primary use is in cosmetic applications.

Why do we use Cynatine HNS in our Total Hair supplement?

While it’snot usual for someone to be “keratin deficient,” deficiencies can occur in people who don’t eat enough protein. Additionally, even though you might not be keratin-deficient, you may not have the hair strength, skin firmness or nail strength that you would like. That’s where supplements with Cynatine HNS are most useful.

Some keratin, biotin or collagen supplements aren’t easy for the body to absorb. But Cynatine HNS is water-soluble and breaks down easily so the body can absorb the nutrients.

How does Cynatine HNS work?

Through its enhanced bioavailability, Cynatine gets more keratin to the body. Inone controlled study, participants reported significantly less hair loss in just 30 days. The results showed four times less hair loss than participants in the placebo group. At just 500 mg per day, Cynatine HNS proves effective in reducing hair loss.

In the same study, people taking Cynatinesaw a significant improvement in how their hair looked and felt (luster, thickness, fullness). About 88% of the people in the Cynatine group saw improvements in hair shininess and brightness within 90 days.

Physician’s Choice Total Hair

In addition to the science-backed, patented Cynatine HNS,Physician’s Choice Total Hair supplement contains EVNOLMax, which is the only full-spectrum vitamin E on the market. It is made from the concentrated oil of palm fruits and helps reduce hair loss and stimulate follicle regeneration.

Total Hair also contains Bioperine. Bioperine is also a patented, science-backed ingredient and it helps further enhance the bioavailability of our supplements so that our customers can see the best results possible. Combined with Cynatine HNS, it helps create one of the most bioavailable and effective hair, skin and nail supplements on the market.